Cutting & Styling

Doria & Co. Salon Spa, Surrey, BC
doria hair and styling - surrey
All haircuts include:
Consultation, Scalp Massage & Shampoo, Finish/Blow-dry & Style. All prices are determined during the consultation. Our level system is based on the stylists’ demand for their time and not on experience.

Level 1 – Generally Stylists that are newer to our salon, They are still building a clientele, generally booked less than 25% with request clients
Level 2 – Generally stylists that have a good clientele base. Level 2’s are generally booked 50% with Request clients.
Level 3 – Generally stylists that have a full clientele and they are booked 75% with request clients.

Master Stylist – These stylists have been working in the industry for over 25 years.  Have taken  advanced training in all aspects of the industry and have been with Doria for a minimum of 10 years.  They generally are booked weeks in advance and require prebooking in order to attain a regular appointment.

You can rest assured that no matter the level of the stylist you see , you will receive nothing but the best. All of our staff go through in-house training to guarantee you the best possible Service!

Mens Haircut   Price
Level 1 $35 & Up
Level 2 $38 & Up
Level 3 $40 & Up
Womens Haircut   Price
Level 1 Stylist $50 & Up
Level 2 Stylist $55 & Up
Level 3 Stylist $60 & Up
Master Stylist $65 & Up
Flat/Curl iron $15 & Up
Hair/Scalp Treatment $25 & Up